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Valencia Spates

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I like drawing this guy that I made up. He is fun to draw. So was the Rabbit girl.

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More sketches and thumbnails of illustrations

Valencia Spates

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Secret Garden ideas??? Whaaa?

and a quick sketch of Nickelodeon’s new cartoon coming out soon called ”The Loud House”

Valencia Spates

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These are a few sketches, thumbnails and thoughts of stories and other creative outlets over the course of three months.

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Space Dandy

Ok, I need Space Dandy stuff. I need the Dvd’s (the dubs of Space Dandy is the best) the groundworks book, illustration books, posters and a t-shirt. Yup Funimation..get on it.

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Kungu Fu Panda Legend of Awesomeness!Title: Noodle HeavenArtist: Valencia Spates

Kungu Fu Panda Legend of Awesomeness!
Title: Noodle Heaven

Artist: Valencia Spates

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Kungfu Panda’s Po. Title: Noodle Heaven.Artist: Valencia Spates

Kungfu Panda’s Po.
 Title: Noodle Heaven.
Artist: Valencia Spates

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My Free Eternal Summer Love Reflection

So.. I just watched Free Eternal Summer and damn..that anime is gorgeous..and gorgeous.. that water….and that ending.. that ending got me busting up a gut. I swear if they where a little older they could be male dancers with those “job outfits”!!! Did you see Rin at the end doing that wave.Shiiiiiiii…can’t tell me nothing.
Funimation, you said you were going to cool us down, not fire us up!!
Nelly where you a part of this anime… because……

When Funimation brings out this box set, I’m getting that special platinum gold nugget, crystalize in a cave for a million ions, searched, discovered and rescued by Indiana Jones kind of edition. 

Thank you Funimation for getting this anime, you made this girl very happy.

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Some English Manors and a spot of tea.

Valencia Spates

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